Price is 1st payment : 2nd payment needed when items arrive Malaysia 🇲🇾 DM for questions


Price & Payment 

1. Why do we need 2nd payment?
Price on the website is all 1st payment means = the price of items only
2nd payment will be

  • International Group Sharing Shipping Fee (From other country to Malaysia)
  • Local postage
  • Service fee
  • Shortage for 1st payment (if needed International bank transfer fee /  Domestic local postage from the country)

2. How do I know my 2nd payment?
We will calculate the estimate 2nd payment for you but final 2nd payment will be inform when items arrive Malaysia due to current situation. We do not have a fix rate for the 2nd payment due to current situation, international shipping fee might be increased or decreased. Please prepare more than our estimate 2nd payment. 2nd payment will calculate based on each item you have purchased.

3. Can I cancel and get back refund if the 2nd payment is too expensive for me ?
There is no cancellation or refund after buyer has placed order on our website, please prepare more than our 2nd payment because international shipping fee might be increased or decreased due to the current situation. 

4. Can I get any discount?
The price stated on our website for each item are final. Price will be exchange from currency rate to MYR, we have the right to amend the price due to the currency rate exchange.

Customer DID NOT make the 2nd payment within 1 month after 2nd payment email has sent. Customer may need to pay extra storage fee for the items. More than 3 months, we have the right to put the item on sale as customer without get any refund. 


1. When my order will be shipped?
All items on our website is pre order, it might take longer period to ship as the items are ordered directly from South Korea, Japan, China and the US. Estimate 3-4 working weeks to arrive Malaysia after official delivery (Estimation only, might be early or delay due to the current situation). After that 

2. When will I get my 2nd payment email?
We will inform your 2nd payment (International shipping fee + local postage + shortage for 1st payment *if any) when items arrive Malaysia address.


1. Can I cancel / refund my order?
No cancellation after placed order from our website, please check your order carefully and think before placing your order on our website. We have the right to blacklist you for our future orders.

Please read all the term & condition before place your order on our website

How to upload payment receipt ( If missed to upload after check out page) : CLICK ME to Read

You may contact us if you have any questions:
Email : [email protected]
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